Starting October 28, 2022, online registry is now available for healthcare providers and their affiliated medical facilities providing TPOXX under the CDC-held expanded access Investigational New Drug (IND) protocol to register as participating providers and sites. The online registry is to:

  • Assist providers and facilities providing TPOXX under the EA-IND protocol to be in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) IND regulations, and provide a comprehensive, up-to-date list of participating providers and sites. This will help:
    • state and local public health departments with better visibility on TPOXX treatment locations and participating providers for informing treatment access, enhancing drug pre-positioning and distribution, and/or identifying gaps.
    • state and local public health departments inform patients requiring TPOXX treatment where to seek medical care if getting TPOXX treatment through clinical trial participation is not feasible (e.g., a clinical trial site is not geographically accessible).
  • Allow providers’ access to electronic TPOXX IND forms for completing and returning to CDC in more convenient, time-efficient, and secure manner. This will help:
    • with timely data collection, analysis, and sharing of information on TPOXX-prescribed populations.
    • state and local public health departments with better visibility on the IND patient treatment forms submitted from their jurisdictions that relate to TPOXX ordering metrics.

Please be informed that system-generated emails containing tokenized links to electronic TPOXX IND forms (Patient Intake Form and Clinical Outcome Form) are sent to individual providers’ email addresses. Therefore, providers must provide valid business emails to receive the tokenized links to these electronic forms. This public-facing online registry, which requires providers to enter their email addresses, bridges the providers’ access to secure the electronic TPOXX IND forms.

For questions on TPOXX IND registry or electronic forms, please contact CDC IMS TPOXXIND (

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